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Department of Justice Affairs

last udpdate: 10th May 2019

Department of Justice Affairs
last update: 20 May 2014
Via Arenula 70 – 00186 Rome
Tel: +39 06 68852320
Fax: +39 06 68852299

Tax Identification Number [Codice fiscale] 97825580588

Head of Department - Maria Casola [curriculum vitæ]

Deputy Head of Department - Marco Nassi [curriculum vitæ]

The Department of Justice Affairs [Dipartimento per gli affari di giustizia - DAG] has the following responsibilities and tasks related to the services of the courts:

  • administrative management of civil and criminal judicial activities;
  • activities preliminary to the exercise by the Minister of its powers concerning procedural issues;
  • managing the judicial records;
  • international cooperation in civil and criminal matters;
  • study and proposal of legislation within its field of competence.

The Department of Justice Affairs is structured in:

  • Office of the Head of the Department [Ufficio del Capo dipartimento]
  • Directorate General of Civil Justice [Direzione della giustizia civile]
  • Directorate General of Legal and Justice Matters [Direzione affari giuridici e legali]
  • Directorate General of Criminal Justice [Direzione della giustizia penale]