Departments of the Ministry of Justice

last update: 16th January 2023


The Departments [Dipartimenti] carry out the Ministry’s administrative work, and are organizeddivided into Directorates [Direzioni], Offices [Uffici] and Divisions [Reparto]. Each department is responsible for one of the main areas of competence of the administration of justice.

The Department of Justice Affairs [Dipartimento per gli affari di giustizia - DAG] regulates the administrative activities related with civil and criminal proceedings, and manages chartered professions [ordini professionali] and international activities.

The Department of Judicial Organization [Dipartimento dell’organizzazione giudiziaria - DOG] manages the functioning and the services of the judicial offices/courts; it also manages its staff.

The Department for the digital transition of the justice system, statistical analysis and cohesion policies [Dipartimento per la transizione digitale della giustizia, l'analisi statistica e le politiche di coesione] - DDSC] regulates the activities related with the functional areas: services for the digital transition of the justice system, statistical analysis and cohesion policies.

The Department of Prison Administration [Dipartimento dell'amministrazione penitenziaria - DAP] manages the organization of prisons in relation to custodial sentences; it also manages prison administrative staff and prison officers [polizia penitenziaria].

The Department of Juvenile and Community Justice [Dipartimento della giustizia minorile e di comunità - DGMC] manages the enforcement of penal measures imposed on young offenders, of non-custodial sentences and probation of adults; as Central Authority, it is responsible for the relations among States concerning international child abduction; it also manages its own staff.

Each department is managed by a Head of the Department [Capo Dipartimento]. Their tasks and functions are set by Article 5 of Legislative Decree [D.Lgs.] no 300/1999 and Article 3 of the Decree of the President of the Council of Ministers [d.p.c.m.] no 84/2015.

The coordination of departmental activities and staff policies is ensured by the Conference of the Heads of the Departments [Conferenza dei capi dipartimento], the function of which is to plan, provide orientation and supervision. The Conference is called by the Minister, who may preside it, and is composed of the Head of the Minister’s Cabinet and the Heads of the Departments. The rules of procedure of the Conference are set by Minister’s Decree [d.m.] No. 17 of 19 January 2016.

The Departments of the Ministry of Justice are the following: