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Practical information – Certificate from the judicial register for a Public Administration [Certificato casellario per pubbliche amministrazioni] - CERPA

The CERPA system - CERtificati Pubbliche Amministrazioni (CERtificates for Public Administrations) enables public administrations and authorities managing a public utility to consult directly the Sistema Informativo del Casellario (SIC) [Judicial register’s information system] in order to obtain the certificato del casellario Giudiziale (certificate of criminal record) and the certificato dell’anagrafe delle sanzioni amministrative dipendenti da reato (certificate from the register of administrative sanctions inflicted for criminal offences), according to Articles 28 and 32 of D.P.R. 313/2002.

A consultation may be made by public administrations and authorities managing a public utility, in compliance with their tasks and duties, in order to:

  1. obtain information on conditions, qualities and facts (Articles 43 and 46 of D.P.R. 445/2000) of an individual;
  2. check a dichiarazione sostitutiva di certificato [statement made in substitution for a certificate] (Article 71 of D.P.R. 445/2000) [1]


  • an interconnection of databases


  • Posta Elettronica Certificata (PEC) [certified e-mail]

How to access the system

The relevant public administration or authority managing a public utility sends to the Ufficio del Casellario centrale [Central judicial register] a request to access the Information System, together with the scheda di attivazione [Activation Form] indicated in Annex C of the decreto 5 dicembre 2012 [decree of the Ministry of Justice dated 5 December 2012 and its updates].

The Central judicial register office then carries out the necessary checks and activates the procedure for stipulating a contractual agreement with the applicant concerning the use of the data and relevant compliance with the laws on data protection, access to administrative documents, protection of confidentiality and prohibition of disclosure.

The contractual agreement indicates the terms, conditions, legal requirements and technical rules to be complied with in order to ensure that the certificate issued contains only data consistent with and relevant to the institutional mission of the administration concerned. (Article 1, para 5 of the Decree of the Ministry of Justice dated 5 December 2012).

See " "schema di convenzione-tipo” [Model contractual agreement template].

For any information please contact the help desk of the Ufficio del Casellario Centrale [Central judicial register] at the following telephone number:  +39 06 979 962 00 from Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. and Saturday from 8.30 a.m. to 1 p.m.
or the following e-mail address: casellario.centrale@giustizia.it

Please note that the CERPA certificates in pdf format carry, pursuant to Articles 23 par. 2-bis  and 71 of the Code of Digital Administration [Codice dell’Amministrazione Digitale – CAD] (in Legislative Decree of 30 December 2010, no. 235), an electronically generated mark called GLIFO which contains the original computerized document and the digital signature of the Director of the Central Judicial Records Office. The printed copies of the document on each page the bear GLIFO, which can be read through a special software in order to check that the computerized document it contains is intact.

Transitional agreements

For those public administrations or authorities managing a public utility who have not signed an agreement yet, the uffici locali del casellario (local offices of the Judicial Record), located in every Procura della Repubblica (Prosecutor’s Office) will continue to issue the certificates, either upon individual or massive requests (in the latter case through a specific application).

If so requested by Italian public administrations or authorities managing a public utility, the local office issues the certificato del casellario europeo [European Criminal Record certificate] (art. 28-bis, par. 1, t.u.) for Italian citizens and the informazione con valore legale sui precedenti penali (Legal informations about final criminal convictions) for other Member States’ citizens (art. 28-bis par. 2 t.u.) (please look at the relevant “Scheda pratica- Certificato del casellario europeo e informazioni con valore legale”).

Nota bene: Please be advised the acknowledgement of every convictions, and any forbiddances because of them, all over the EU is only possible by acquiring the “certificato del casellario giudiziale” [certificate from the Judicial Records Register] together with the “certificato del casellario europeo” [certificate from the European Judicial Records Register] or, if the case, with the “informazione con valore legale” [legal information about final criminal convictions] (not yet available to be reserved on line), in compliance with the relevant European law (Framework Decision GAI/315/2009 and Decision GAI/316/2009, carried out by the Italian Decrees nn. 74/2016 and 75/2016).

For recapping, please look at the table below:
Art. 39 t.u. Art. 28-bis, par. 1, t.u.
Art. 32 t.u. -
Art. 39 t.u. Informazione (Information) (art. 28-bis, par. 2, t.u)
Art. 32 t.u. -
Art. 39 t.u. Informazione (Information) to be asked via ECRIS to the Member States they stayed in
Art. 32 t.u. -


[1] Any contracting authority [stazione appaltante] and contracting entity [ente appaltatore], in order to check the content of a declaration made in substitution for a certificate [dichiarazione sostitutiva di certificato], may consult the SIC solely through the Autorità per la Vigilanza dei Contratti Pubblici di Lavori, Servizi e Forniture (AVCP) [Authority for the Supervision of Public Contracts for works, services and supplies] – now Autorità Nazionale Anticorruzione (ANAC) [National Authority against Corruption] who runs the Banca Dati Nazionale dei Contratti Pubblici [National Database of Public Contracts/Procurements].

To this purpose, on 28 March 2013 a unitary contractual agreement was signed with AVCP.

Any contracting authority [stazione appaltante] and contracting entity [ente appaltatore] will need to be accredited with the sistema AVCpass. Such system will have been working until the entry into force of the decree by the Ministry of Infrastructures and Transports ruling the takeover in the former agreements (as in the one above mentioned) and establishing the Banca Dati Nazionale degli Operatori Economici (National Database of Economic Operators).

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