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Central Office of Notarial Archives

last udpdate: 19th November 2019

UNDER CONSTRUCTION, to reflect the changes introduced by Decree of the President of the Council of Ministers [d.p.c.m.] No. 84 of 15 June 2015 on “Reorganization of the Ministry of Justice and Reduction in the Number of Managerial and Administrative Posts”, and relevant implementing decrees.


Via Padre Semeria, 95 - 00154 Roma
tel.: +39 06 516411
fax: +39 06 5133391
Tax Identification Number [codice fiscale] 80185110584

Director General  - Renato Romano [curriculum vitæ]

The Central Office of Notarial Archives is competent for the organization and administrative management of local offices, of the district and subsidiary notarial archives and of local inspectorates. Thus it is competent for general affairs and personnel and for assets and accounts. It hosts the seat of the General Register of Wills.

Central Office of Notarial Archives is structured in:

Service 1 – General Affairs and Litigations [Affari generali e contenzioso]
Service 2 – Personnel and Training [Personale e formazione]
Service 3 – Assets, Material Resources, Goods and Services [Patrimonio, risorse materiali, beni e servizi]
Service 4 – Budget and Spending [Bilancio e contabilità]
Service 5 – General Register of Wills, Electronic Systems and Statistics [Registro generale dei testamenti, sistemi informatici e statistiche]