Conference of the Heads of the Departments

last udpdate: 24th February 2021

Article 3 paragraph 6 of the Decree of the President of the Council of Ministers no. 84/2015 (d.p.c.m. 84/2015) set up the Conference of Heads of Departments in order to coordinate departmental activities.

The Ministerial Decree (d.m.) of 19 January 2016 no.17 established its operational modes and regulated convening procedures, deliberations, Secretariat’s task​ and relations with the Minister’s Cabinet.

The Conference of Heads of Departments has been operational since 21 April 2016.

The Minister calls the sessions and can chair them, with the Chief of Cabinet and Heads of Departments entitled by right to participate. Whenever deemed necessary, the Chief of the Ministry’s General Inspectorate and the Chief of Legislative Office are called to participate, along with general Managers with responsibilities in the sectors inherent to their area of expertise.

The Conference provides guidelines to the Directorate General for the coordination of cohesion policies.