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Department of Prison Administration

last update: 4th December 2018

Largo Luigi Daga, 2 - 00164 Roma
tel. +39 06.665911
Tax Identification Number [Codice fiscale] 80184430587

Head of Department - Francesco Basentini [personal file]

Vice Deputy Head of Department - Lina Di Domenico  [personal file]

The main responsibilities of the Department of Prison Administration [Dipartimento per l’amministrazione penitenziaria - DAP], which was set up within the Ministry of Justice by Article 30 of Law 395/1990, are to:

  • implement order and security policies within prisons and prison services and that concerning the treatment of prisoners and inmates, as well as of convicts and inmates who have been granted a non-custodial sentence
  • ensure the technical-operational coordination, direction and administration of the Administration’s staff and external workers
  • administer and manage the technical support necessary to respond to the Department’s general needs.

The reform of the Department’s organizational structure, provided for by Legislative Decree of 30 July 1999, was gradually implemented through Legislative Decree No. 146 of 21 May 2000, the Decree of the Minister of Justice [D.M.] of 22 January 2002 and lastly the Decree of the Minister of Justice [D.M.], of 27 September 2007 which outlined its present management structure.

The Department of Prison Administration is structured in:

  • Office of the Head of the Department [Ufficio del capo dipartimento]
  • Directorate General for prisoners and treatment [Direzione generale dei detenuti e del trattamento]
  • Directorate General for out-of prison service of sentences [Direzione generale dell’esecuzione penale esterna]
  • Directorate General of personnel and resources [Direzione generale del personale e delle risorse]
  • Directorate General for training [Direzione generale della formazione]
  • Regional Directorates [Provveditorati regionali]