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Press and Information Office

last udpdate: 15th October 2018

Via Arenula, 70 - 00186 Rome
tel: +39 06.68897501
fax: +39 06.68891493

Head of the Press Office and Spokesperson for the Minister - Andrea Cottone [curriculum vitæ]

Social media manager - Gioele Brandi [curriculum vitæ]

The main responsibilities of the Press and Information Office, pursuant to Article 11 of the Decree of the President of the Republic [D.P.R.] no. 315 of 25 July 2001, are to:

  • inform the mass media through printed, audio-visual and electronic means (Article1 (4) (a), and Article 9 of Law no. 150 of 7 June 2000)
  • examine and communicate to the Ministry’s offices noteworthy information published in dailies and periodicals, as well as in press releases
  • compile daily and weekly press reviews
  • communicate documents and information to the media on the Ministry’s political and institutional activities
  • produce the Ministry’s publications
  • promote institutional informative initiatives
  • provide the necessary technical support to carry out the Ministry’s institutional informative activity through the Ministry’s Office for Relations with the Public [Uffici Relazioni con il Pubblico – URP], the official internet website and other ministerial subdivisions. 


Press releases [Comunicati stampa]