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Legislative Office

last udpdate: 8th August 2018

Via Arenula, 70 – 00186 Rome
tel. +39 06.68851
fax +39 06.68897531

Head of the Office -  Mauro Vitiello  [curriculum vitæ]

Deputy head - Giampaolo Parodi [curriculum vitæ]

Deputy head - Carmelo Barbieri [curriculum vitæ]

Director of the Secretariat’s Office - Roberta Battisti [curriculum vitæ]

The main responsibilities of the Legislative Office [Ufficio legislativo], pursuant to Article 7 of the Decree of the President of the Republic [D.P.R.]   of 25 July 2001 no. 315, are to:

  • examine, promote and implement national, European and International legislation through:
    • the preparation of draft government bills [ddl - disegno di legge], draft legislative decrees [d.lgs.- decreto legislativo], presidential decrees [d.P.R. - decreto presidenziale] and ministerial decrees [D.M. – decreto ministeriale];
    • the drawing up of amendments to be introduced by the Government, and the expression of opinions on the text of - or specific amendments to –  draft  bills under examination of the Council of Ministers or of the Parliament;
    • the drawing up of legislation implementing EU directives and framework decisions, as well all coordinating national legislation with EU regulations;
    • the cooperation with the Minister of Foreing Affairs in the negotiation of international conventions on judicial assistance, extradition and civil status;
  • perform the technical and normative analysis of legislation and ensure its compatibility with the overall legal system
  • provide, upon request, exclusively to the offices of the Ministry of Justice  or of other Ministries:
    • opinions to the Ministerial departments on the interpretation of laws or on issues falling within their competences and on which they need to draw up circular letters
    • opinions on the interpretation of laws or on issues, falling within a Department’s competences,  on which this needs to draw up circular letters;  
    • opinions on the constitutionality of laws upon which the Presidency of the Council of Ministers  will rely to intervene before the Constitutional Court [Corte Costituzionale];
    • opinions on the constitutional compatibility of regional laws;;
  • examine the measures to submit for approval to the Keeper of the Seals [Guardasigilli], i.e. the Minister of Justice,   deciding whether they are to be included in the “Official Collection of the Legislation of the Republic” [Raccolta ufficiale degli atti normativi della Repubblica]  and drafting the footnotes to the legislation  published in the Official Journal [Gazzetta Ufficiale] 
  • coordinate the Study Commissions [Commissioni di studio] set up by the  Minister for reforming or rationalizing entire areas of legislation, in particular those governed by codes.