Minister’s Cabinet

last update: 23rd November 2022

Via Arenula, 70 - 00186 Rome
tel. +39 06.68851 (switchboard)
e-mail: (for general correspondence to the Cabinet)
e-mail: (certified mail)

  • Head of the Secretariat for General Affairs [Capo segreteria affari generali] - 

The Minister’s Cabinet Office [Ufficio di Gabinetto] assists the Minister of Justice in carrying out their policy and governance functions which do not fall within the specific responsibilities of either the Minister’s Secretariat [Segreteria del Ministro], the Under-Secretaries of State’s Secretariats [Segreterie dei Sottosegretari di Stato], the Legislative Office [Ufficio Legislativo] and the General Inspectorate [Ispettorato Generale].

The Minister’s Cabinet Office, pursuant to Article 6 of the Decree of the President of the Republic [D.P.R.] no. 315 of 25 July 2001 - relying on information received by the; offices and departments of the Ministry of Justice - ensures the connection with the Legislative Office and the General Inspectorate, the coordination between the other offices of direct collaboration, as well as the linking between the Minister’s governance functions and the activities of the Ministry’s Departments.

The Minister’s Cabinet Office, within the limits and purposes of its functions, also maintains contacts with governmental bodies, and public and private entities and organizations.

The Minister’s Cabinet Office is responsible in particular for the following:

  • relations with Parliament with respect to the latter’s powers of scrutiny [sindacato ispettivo];
  • relations with the High Council of the Judiciary [Consiglio superiore della magistratura] relevant to the specific competences of the Minister over magistrates;
  • support activities for the definition of objectives and allocation of resources;
  • coordination between the various centres responsible for drawing up budgetary documentation and for maintaining relations with the supervisory bodies:
  • scrutiny of the documents to be sent to the Minister and the Under-Secretaries of State for signature.

The Offices of Direct Collaboration with the Minister keep the Cabinet Office informed of their major ongoing activities.