Minister’s Secretariat

last update: 22th October 2022

Via Arenula, 70 - 00186 Rome
tel. +39 06.68851
fax +39 06.68897951

Head of the Secretariat [Capo della segreteria] - 

Personal Secretary [Segretario particolare] -

The Minister’s Secretariat [Segreteria del Ministro] is set up in compliance with Article 5 of the Decree of the President of the Republic [D.P.R.] no. 315 of 25 July 2001. It reports directly to the Minister of Justice and is directed by the Head of the Secretariat [Capo della Segreteria]. The Head of the Secretariat aids and assists the Minister in the bodies in which they participate and exercises the specific duties delegated to them by the Minister.

The Secretariat, in liaison with the Cabinet, works in support of the Minister, coordinating their activities and preparing and elaborating the material necessary for their action.

Within the Secretariat, the Minister’s Personal Secretary [Segretario Particolare] is responsible for managing the Minister’s diary and correspondence, as well as contacts with the public and private parties associated with the Minister’s portfolio responsibilities and commitments.