Organizational Chart of the Ministry of Justice

last udpdate: 29th September 2022

Via Arenula 70 - 00186 Roma
telephone: +39 - 06 68851 (switchboard)
Central Tax Identification Number [Codice fiscale] 97591110586

The Ministry of Justice is the core of the government’s justice policy. It deals with the organization of justice/courts and with the administrative aspects of the functioning of civil and criminal courts, such as the management of notarial archives; monitoring of chartered professions; management of the judicial records register; international cooperation; handling of the applications for mercy to be submitted to the President of the Republic.
The Legislative Office, which reports directly to the Minister, carries out studies and develops proposals for legislative action. The Study Commissions set up within the Office examine areas and issues that may undergo legislative changes.
As regards prisons, the Ministry implements the policies related to order and security in prison institutions and services, and to the treatment of inmates and administers the prisons’ personnel.
The Ministry is also competent for juvenile and young-adult offenders subjected to penal measures.


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Corruption Prevention Manager [Responsabile della prevenzione della corruzione] and
Person in charge of transparency
[Responsabile della trasparenza]

Data Protection Officer [Responsabile della protezione dei dati personali]


the Ministry of Justice