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Glossary of online deviant behaviours

aggiornamento: June 7, 2017

versione italiana

This consultation tool is available in Italian and English. It allows users to obtain key information on online unlawful conducts, accompanied by a concise explanation of that conduct’s main features. It is addressed to social services, healthcare and judicial operators, as well as parents, but especially to adolescents and teens who – more or less knowingly – could become the “victims” or authors” of crime. Each term /conduct indicates “this is a criminal offence” or “this conduct is at risk” to highlight whether the conduct is a prosecutable crime, or if is instead a deviant behaviour. Moreover, for each behaviour - whether deviant or criminal - the reference to relevant legislation is provided, which is useful to identify the anti social and/or illegal features of the conduct. For each entry there are links to other entries of the glossary with similar or related meaning. At the end of the page there is an email address where it is possible to write about one’s personal experience, ask questions, suggest new or further terms. The Juvenile Justice Department safeguards the privacy and guarantees the anonymity of communications.